Skyrocket leads, increase response, and spike revenues using
Direct Response Copywriting
Gain a significant advantage over your competitors by attracting your most profitable clients, customers, and prospects.

Do you want to:

  • Upgrade and attract only the best clients?
  • Charge more for your products and services?
  • Retain clients longer and with a higher long-term-value?
  • Move prospects through your sales cycle faster and easier?
  • Generate a flood of clients to significantly grow your business?
  • Gain a significant and sustainable advantage in your marketplace?
  • Easily and magically attract your ideal customer, client, or prospect?
  • Increase the closing rate of your sales team with highly qualified leads?
  • Clearly and effectively communicate the benefits of your product or service?

A proven formula for getting all of this is within reach . . .

Successful B2B Marketing That Drives Leads and Sales Requires Three Things

Technical Expertise

How to turn boring marketing material into lead generating super-magnets

Studies confirm it's nearly impossible to sell to another business without sales literature that accurately describes the features of your product or service.

But let's be honest. Nobody grows up wanting to spend their day reading technical brochures and . . .

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Direct Response Copywriting

How to get a big advantage over your competition

It's hard to get noticed in today's crowded marketplace.

According to several studies, your prospects see between 360 and 5,000 marketing messages every day.

Ultimately, this impacts the bottom line of your company. Revenues depend upon . . .

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Buying Psychology

How to use your prospect's psychology to increase leads and sales

Too many companies produce advertisements that try to be creative rather than focus on their clients and their clients' needs. This may work if you're selling a generic product at a grocery store.

But what if you sell products or services to companies with real problems?

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I Bring These Three Ingredients Together So You Don't Have To

When you're in the market for a Copywriter, make sure they can support your B2B marketing efforts with three important skills: Direct Response Copywriting, Technical Expertise, and an Insider's Buying Psychology.

Only by combining direct response copywriting with a strong technical background can a Copywriter create extraordinary White Papers.

Need content strategically written to attract the attention of decision makers? Make sure your Copywriter has been on the inside making purchasing decisions.

Finally, a top Copywriter will combine the buying psychology of an insider with deep technical concepts to turn sophisticated product features into benefits a prospect can't live without.

Here's how I put my unique set of skills to work for you:

  • Postcards:
    Memorable, direct, and to the point.
  • Case Studies:
    Demonstrate what you can do for them.
  • White Papers:
    Build credibility to drive leads and sales.
  • SEO Optimized Landing Pages:
    Get found to get leads.
  • Sales Letters:
    Tried and true technique for getting response.
  • Direct Mail Packages:
    Proven and effective at getting you seen.
  • VSLs:
    They want and respond to videos. Make sure the script is spot on.
  • USP:
    An up-to-date USP will drive ROI through all your marketing material.
  • Email Campaigns:
    Get noticed with great subject lines that get your emails opened.

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