4 Powerful Ways to Stay Relevant Without Rebranding

The internet has dramatically changed how consumers interact with brands.  Before the internet, brands could break into American culture with a message designed by them and unaltered by the masses.  A brand could dictate and frame its message the way it wanted to.

Today it's different.  Brands expect their message to be evaluated and transformed by consumers on social media.  Branding is no longer about pushing ideas and emotions onto the consumer.  The Brand gets modified as the message is digested. 

Sometimes with devastating effect . . .

Games: The Powerful and Rarely Used Technique for Driving Leads and Sales

Games.  They're fun to play and are a great way to socialize.  But did you know they pack a powerful punch when used to get leads and sales?

One classic example of how a game was used to drive leads and sales comes from . . . drum roll please . . . Games magazine.

Their sales letter featured a window showing numbered dots, and the copy inside invited the reader to connect them.  The result spelled out the reader's last name. 


A Creative Trick That Makes an Impression and Boosts Sales at the Same Time

For many, the idea of being creative is a daunting task.  However, there is a component of creativity that is easy to grasp that can be used to boost sales in any advertisement.

You see, creativity has several components that researchers have classified and measured for sales effectiveness.  Of these components, elaboration is highly effective in getting your message across and increasing sales at the same time.

So what is it?

The Top 10 Behaviors Every Person Has and Every Marketer Must Know

Direct response marketing is about getting people to respond.  This makes understanding them your biggest priority.

Even though every group of prospects has a unique set of needs and desires, there are similarities that every person shares that you MUST take into account when marketing to them.

Here are ten behaviors for understanding people and how you use them in direct response marketing.  If you expect and plan for these behaviors, then you'll increase response no matter who your target audience is.

Here we go . . .

The Five Immutable Rules of Direct Response Copywriting

Writing direct response copy is both a science and an art form.  As such, it has rules, but those rules are constantly subject to testing.  Sometimes a rule may not work for one kind of product or client.

However, there are five rules that are sacrosanct and unbreakable no matter who your prospect is.  When you follow these rules your copy will be effective in generating leads and sales.

Rule #1: Your writing must be clear.

The Six BIG Reasons People Buy

I've been re-reading one of my favorite books, The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time by Richard Hodgson.  What's fun about reading books a second time is that you pick up something you didn't see the first time you read it.  This time my eyes went straight to Hodgson's 100 motivations for people to buy. 

It's a very good list, and I've printed it out and put it on the wall in front of me. 

The Secret Reason They Won't Buy from You

One of the most common and insidious aspects of human psychology is a person's disbelief in themselves.  It's also a hidden and unspoken reason why they won't buy from you.

You see, we've trained people to be constantly self-critical about their limitations.  For many, the idea they can be successful has never entered their thinking or self-image.  They feel they'll fail at almost everything they try.  When they don't fail, it's because of good luck.

How to Stay Focused on Making Their Life Better

Our quest to sell a product or service is only about one thing: a positive transformation we can make in our client.  And our job as marketers and business owners is to show how that positive transformation occurs. 

But, oftentimes, we get caught up in the features and benefits of our product or service and forget who they are. 

And then it shows up in revenue and ROI.  We've stopped communicating effectively because we no longer speak to them

Here's one simple way to keep that from happening.


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