Buying Psychology

Buying Psychology

How to use your prospect's psychology to increase leads and sales

Too many companies produce advertisements that try to be creative rather than focused on their clients and their clients' needs. This may work if you're selling a generic product at a grocery store.

But what if you sell products or services to companies with real problems?

Business executives need more than glitzy ads with high artistic value. They need answers. And they need someone to understand what they're going through to move their business forward.

How You Gain Trust and Credibility with Business Executives

Business Executives need you to know three things before they'll trust you and find you credible. They want you to know:

  • They have limitations and constraints based on where they are in the corporate hierarchy
  • They have to know how your product or service will solve their problem
  • They want to know what's in it for them

The first dictates the pace of your marketing and sales process. As a manager in a large corporation, I was often ready to buy from a vendor. But almost every purchase required approval from several other managers and often from large committees. Your marketing must respect this pace or it will come across as pushy.

The second requires technical expertise combined with Direct Response Copywriting. Showing how your product can solve their problem is more than technical jargon and a logical argument. Direct Response Copywriting uses proven techniques for demonstrating your product is the best.

Now Give Them What They Really Want

The third requires your marketing to be targeted to them and their desires.

Sometimes a business owner just wants to get on the golf course to be with his buddies. Show how your product saves time and gets him there faster.

Sometimes a corporate executive needs to tackle a difficult situation that's embarrassing to the company. Give a clear picture of how your product or service will make him look like a hero to upper management.

Sometimes sales dry up and a manager needs a better way to drive leads and sales. Give her a new technique that leads to recognition and a bigger bonus at the end of the year.

Less stress, more time, avoiding bad PR, awards, and a bigger paycheck are emotional drivers you can use to sell B2B products.

Even for the most sophisticated product, a client will be looking for any emotional connection they can find. They won't realize they're doing it, but they'll be trying to figure out how your product or service fits into their business and, ultimately, what's in it for them.

Remember, most of your competitors think being creative with corporate logos is the key to marketing success.

It isn't.

Showing how your product or service solves a real problem and gives clients what they want is the only proven path to increasing leads and sales.

Need help getting your message across? Tell me in the box below what challenges you're facing. You'll be shocked at how many problems are solved when you align your marketing to who they are and what's meaningful to them.

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