Doug's Unique Selling Proposition

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From the time he was young, Doug has always identified and turned personal, professional, and corporate weaknesses into sustainable strengths. Whether it’s through disciplined body building, assisting startups, or identifying deadly corporate missteps; Doug identifies systemic problems quickly and implements clearheaded solutions.

As an Economist and MBA with extensive startup experience, Doug can see across macroeconomic trends, identify patterns, and interpret how those trends will impact a Founder’s bottom line. Doug sees all the components that drive a successful company, and aligns those components with a Founder’s most important goals.

Doug is the perfect advisor to Ohio Region business Founders suffering from corporate adolescence. He instinctively understands the unique phase they are in, removes self-blame, and implements proven solutions.

Doug shows Founders the path to a more secure, updated business structure that grows with less effort and less stress. This empowers Founders to work less, get their life back, and be more effective than they ever thought possible. But Doug’s impact doesn’t end there.

The one word that describes Doug is integrity, and it is this integrity that drives Doug to help Founders become whole with themselves and their companies. Doug solves problems and improves Founders lives by creating harmony between them and their business.