Direct Response Copywriting Samples

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Putin’s Cold War Just Went Full Nuclear Headline and Lead
You Don't Have To Fear The Coming Collapse Of Oil. Profit By It With This One Stock. Headline and Lead
WARNING: Combining These 2 Powerful Stock Investment Strategies Will Revolutionize How You Invest . . . Email
How 'bout I Give You $500,000 AND Show You How To Transform Your Real Estate Business Over One Short Weekend? Landing Page
Here's The Surprising Technique That Builds A Commercial Real Estate Dynasty With FREE Labor . . . VSL
How To Sound Polished And Credible On Day One! VSL
Now Let's Put You Head And Shoulders Above All The Other Matchmakers Out There! VSL
Yes! We have a seat reserved for you! Postcard
The Deadline Is Only A Few Days Away! Email
Here's how you make $100,000 on a foreclosure Email
Paris or Disney World? Email
Did You See How Incredible They Were? Email
Now This Takes Some Guts Email
How To Save Your Company In 4 Critical Steps White Paper
Doug's Unique Selling Proposition USP
Here's Your Very Own, Fully Automated Side Business That Pushes You To C-Suite Compensation Without The C-Suite Stress Postcard
Feeling stuck, afraid and unsure of how to move forward? Can you feel your dreams slipping away from you? Landing Page
Attention Women Entrepreneurs . . . Landing Page
WARNING! AB testing is dead and this Trojan Horse technique is killing you. AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IT! Landing Page
WOW! $49,900 on this foreclosure. Grab the details in TODAY's special podcast. Email
The Majority Of People Don't Know What You Know Email
The Real Estate Event Of The Year Is About To Pass You By. And Then You'll Lose The $3,000! Email
Here's YOUR Path Out of the Rat Race Email
How To Get Motivated . . . Email
Here's How You Win a Foreclosure Fistfight Email
A Tsunami Of Opportunity Is Headed Straight For YOU . . . VSL
A Tsunami Of Opportunity Is Headed Straight For YOU . . . Sales Letter