Producing content that stands out is hard. Promoting a sophisticated product is also hard. Doing both at the same time requires a unique set of skills.

When you're in the market for a Copywriter, make sure they can support your marketing efforts with three important skills: Direct Response Copywriting, Technical Expertise, and an Insider's Buying Psychology.

How Dennis Jarecke Creates High ROI Direct Response Copywriting

Only by combining direct response copywriting with a strong technical background can a Copywriter create extraordinary White Papers.

Need content strategically written to attract the attention of decision makers? Make sure your Copywriter has been on the inside making purchasing decisions.

Finally, a top Copywriter will combine the buying psychology of an insider with deep technical concepts to turn sophisticated product features into benefits a prospect can't live without.

Most Copywriters can't do all of this. I can.

Here's how I put my unique set of skills to work for you:

  • Case Studies: Demonstrate what you can do for them.
  • White Papers: Build credibility to drive leads and sales.
  • SEO Optimized Landing Pages: Get found to get sales.
  • Sales Letters: Tried and true techniques for getting response.
  • Class Direct Mail Packages: Proven and effective at getting you seen.
  • VSLs: They want and respond to videos. Make sure the script is spot on.
  • USP: An up-to-date USP will drive ROI through all your marketing material.
  • Email Campaigns: Get noticed with great subject lines that get your emails opened.
  • Postcards: Memorable, direct, and to the point. Perfect for time-constrained decision makers.

Contact me here for more information on how I can help drive leads and sales into your next campaign.