Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

How to turn boring marketing material into lead generating super-magnets

Studies confirm it's nearly impossible to sell to another business without sales literature that accurately describes the features of your product or service.

But let's be honest. Nobody grows up wanting to spend their day reading technical brochures and manuals. It's boring. They do it because they have to.

The mistake most companies make is that they only talk about their products and how great they are. They don't keep the focus on what their customers need and who their customers are. And that's a big opportunity for you.

When you turn sophisticated product features into benefits they can't live without you gain a significant advantage over your competition.

White papers become subtly crafted sales tools that get quality leads.

Product brochures get them excited about you solving their problem and making their life better.

They read your material and keep it handy for reference because it feels more useful than anything else they've received.

And when it comes time to pull the trigger and pay real money to solve their problem, they turn to you. You're the one they trust and find credible because you took the time to make sure your sales literature was centered on them.

As a Ph.D. in Physics and someone with an M.S. in Financial Engineering, I can't tell you the number of boring papers I've read. And now, as a Direct Response Copywriter, I see why most of those papers didn't grab my attention and get me excited about what they were talking about.

I want to make sure you don't make the same mistake I've seen time after time. I'll make sure the most technical feature of your business grabs their attention and gets them excited to pick up the phone and learn more.

Need to breathe new life into your technical product or service? Tell me what it is in the message box below. There are plenty of ways to get prospects excited about what it can do for them.

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